Metal recycling, a story without an end

The recycling of metals is a long tradition and is necessary for the protection of the environment and the preservation of our natural resources. Professional metal recovery and recycling provides the framework within which old is transformed into new. The ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector of the recycling industry has been fulfilling this task for generations. He was a pioneer in what is today globally considered an important activity and remains the driving force for its promotion. Because of their special characteristics and the sophisticated technical processes involved, metals and their exploitation are a never-ending story. They are materials of multiple uses and alternating applications. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the awareness and vigilance of all of us regarding the importance of recycling.

The recycling of metals ensures the availability of raw materials for the benefit of the future of our Economy and our Industry. The percentage of recyclable metals is increasing worldwide every year. Metals are not consumed but constantly reused without altering their quality. Thus, the recycling process must be so efficient that the wealth of metals worldwide is guaranteed in eternity and gradually reduces our dependence on the now limited sources of raw materials.

Metal recycling = Energy recycling

Recycled metals can be thought of as an inexhaustible energy bank as the energy used in converting primary ores into metals represents an investment that never needs to be repeated. It remains intact regardless of the time interval between primary production and return to production through recycling. Therefore, the reuse of old metals in the production process contributes to saving precious and expensive energy.

Recyclers and consumers of what are known as minor metals must work together to ensure that all forms of recoverable metals are reused and not disposed of as trash. Recyclable metals can be collected essentially from almost every sector of Industry, from public bodies as well as from private individuals. Priority is always given to the preservation of our natural resources and the ultimate goal is to protect the environment.

What do we recycle

Our company has the ability to recover and manage all types of metal scrap.

Ferrous scrap

Steel scrap (cast iron scrap), Stainless Steel Scrap

Non-ferrous scrap

Copper, Brass & Cu Alloys Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Lead Scrap, Zinc Scrap, Electric Motors Scrap, Copper Cable/Wire Scrap,

Electrical / Electronic waste

Ships, Propels

Wind turbines

Industrial and military scrap