In 2011, our company leased a Shipyard – Shipwreck in Perama, Attica, where for four years it was intensively engaged in the dismantling of various types of ships. During these four years, our company diagnosed the need that existed in the field of marine projects for quantitative and qualitative service provision and so in 2015 it proceeded to acquire its own floating crane, which it radically upgraded, turning it into a versatile machine, with many work-operational possibilities. Henceforth, our company provides services to technical companies of port projects, to engineers – designers, to insurance services and to private individuals.

Categories of marine projects we provide services

  • Construction of Ports, fishing shelters and Marinas
  • Excavations – Dredging in ports and fishing shelters
  • Laying and repairs of Subsea Pipelines and Cables
  • Marine drilling & geotechnical investigations
  • Formation of coastal fronts
  • Construction – extension of pier & breakwater
  • Installation – repair and replacement of moorings
  • Wreck Removal Operations