Our company, completely oriented to the fundamental principles of Recycling, faithfully and unwaveringly applies the rules that govern this necessary effort to save natural resources and energy, relying both on the experience of its executives, who have deeply understood the necessity of continuous support of the revitalization of Nature’s economy, as well as in the perfection of our mechanical equipment, which ensures the success of our purpose.

The evolution of the operation of our company, founded in 2006, continued in 2010 with the construction of privately owned, fully licensed and certified facilities on an area of 8000 acres, where a modern METAL WASTE RECYCLING UNIT was created and modern mechanical equipment was installed and put into operation.

Our mechanical equipment consists of:

  • KOMATSU forklift – Clark
  • BOBCAT loader
  • LIEBHERR crane – excavator
  • ATLAS crane – excavator
  • TEREX crane – excavator
  • O&K crawler Excavator
  • DAEMO demolition crocodile
  • Metal press
  • Metal cutting scissors
  • Cable splitter and separator
  • COPEX 600 tn baler
  • Recycling station SEDA
  • VOLVO four-axle truck with crane-grabber
  • MERCEDES truck with parrot