Recycling of metals, a neverending story

The recycling of metals reflects a long tradition and is essential to the protection of our environment and conservation of our natural resources. The professional recovery and recycling of metals provides the framework for transforming old into new. The non- ferrous sector of the recycling industry has been fulfilling this task for generations. It was the pioneer of what is now universally regarded as an essential activity and remains the driving force in its advancement.

Because of their specific characteristics and the highly-developed technical processes involved, the exploitation of metals is a never- ending story. Metals are multiple-use materials with changing applications. This is why it is important to increase awareness of the importance of recycling.

Metals Recycling ensures the availability of raw materials for our economic and industrial future. The quantity of recyclable metals increases world-wide every wear. Metals are not consumed, they are perpetually reusable without any deterioration in their quality. Thus provided recycling is enabled to be as effective as possible, so as the world’s metals wealth can be insured for eternity and our dependence on finite sources of primary materials is gradually reducing.

Recyclers and consumers of what are known as secondary metals must be in partnership to ensure that all forms of recoverable metal are utilized and are not allowed to be discarded as though they were waste. Recyclable metals are collected from virtually every sector of industry, from municipalities and even from private households. With priority the conservation of our natural resources and ultimate purpose the protection of the environment.

Metal recycling = Energy Recycling
Recyclable metals can be considered as enduring energy banks, because the energy used in converting ores into metals represents an investment that will never have to be repeated. It remains intact no matter how long the interval between original production and return to manufacture via recycling. Thus, the reuse of old metals in manufacturing contributes to saving scarce and expensive energy.

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